Our Mission

The mission of the DUAI 'Ilm Academy is to empower Muslims with intensive, inspiring and innovative seminars on the Islamic sciences. We believe that the beginning of our journey to Allah must begin with knowledge that is authentic, transformative and lasting.

Our Approach

We will be providing, insha Allah, a comprehensive Islamic curriculum that covers the depth and breadth of the Islamic sciences. Our approach is one that is balanced and scholarly. We respect differences and draw on the depths of the classical and contemporary Islamic legacy.

Our Pedagogy

Each topic covered will be given its due: its various dimensions will be explored thoroughly over a weekend (full-day Saturday and Sunday), with prominent scholars using the latest, pedagogical techniques. Each seminar will be presented by six scholars (three on each day) who have conducted specialised research into their sub-topics and are fully committed to the goal of making Islamic knowledge accessible, comprehensible and enjoyable.

Our Scholars

  • M.T.Karaan
  • Moulana Muaadh Allie
  • Shaykh Ebrahim Moos
  • Moulana Ali Gouda
  • Moulana ShamilRas
  • Shaykh Riyaad Walls
  • Moulana Abdurahman Khan
  • Moulana Mohammed Carr
  • Moulana Riad Saloojee

In Collaboration with ...