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Due to the ongoing visa issues affecting international students wishing to pursue Islamic Studies in South Africa, we are, unfortunately, unable to assist with the visa application process at this time. We pray these issues are resolved rapidly, Āmīn.

All prospective international students who manage to obtain a valid visa will be considered for admission into Our Institute.

Applications for Arabic & Islamic Studies for the 2025 academic year closes 31 October 2024.

Applications for Ḥifz remain open throughout the year.
Please familiarize yourself with our Admission Requirements before applying to our institute.

Please note, applicants will need to undergo an interview process wherein they will be tested on their prior learning and existent skills before admission into our institute can be granted.


DUAI Online Student Application Form

DUAI Online Student Application Form

Personal Details

Parent/Guardian/Spouse’s Name
Parent/Guardian/Spouse's Name

Visa Details (International Students)

Education Record

Medical Record

Tuition Fees

Those who have undertaken to pay the fees, either in full or part, will be furnished with periodic accounts.
Declaration by applicant, parent, guardian or sponsor.


The applicant, or their parent or guardian in the case of a minor, hereby indemnifies the institute against prosecution in the event of accidental injury or otherwise at the institute.


The applicant, or their parent or guardian in the case of a minor, hereby appoints the principal of the Dār al-ʿUlūm to be the unfettered wakīl [agent] to receive and disburse Zakāh or otherwise where there is eligibility on behalf of the applicant.

Declaration of Truth

Processing of Personal Information

The applicant, or their parent/guardian in the case of a minor, hereby give DUAI consent to process the applicant’s personal information, in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), for all purposes related to the carrying out of this application.