Taḥfīẓ Department

The Taḥfīẓ Department or Qurʾānic Memorisation Program—as suggested by the title—is devoted to the memorization of the complete Qurʾān. The average student is able to do so in 3 years of devoted study with some dedicated students completing in less than 2 years.

Arabic and Islamic Studies Department

The method of instruction, while comprising both theory and practice, prefers practicality above all other considerations. By way of example; in the Ḥadīth Department, focus is on the production of a true Muḥaddith and not the completion of any text of ḥadīth methodology and classification [Muṣṭalaḥ al-Ḥadīth] or any particular ḥadīth compilation. 

Ināth – Female Arabic and Islamic Studies Department

Recognition of the need for female students to have access to traditional Islamic studies led us to initiate a branch for females (DUAI Ināth) that is academically on par with its male counterpart. Unique about the female branch, which is situated closer to the City of Cape Town in a wholly separate campus, is that its teaching staff is exclusively female – thus allowing female scholarship to develop and grow to its full potential.