DUAI Ināth

Female Arabic and Islamic Studies Department

Recognition of the need for female students to have access to traditional Islamic studies led us to initiate a branch for females (DUAI Ināth) that is academically on par with its male counterpart. 

Similar to its male counterpart, the method of instruction, while comprising both theory and practice, prefers practicality above all other considerations. By way of example; in the Ḥadīth Department, focus is on the production of a true Muḥaddith and not the completion of any text of ḥadīth methodology and classification [Muṣṭalaḥ al-Ḥadīth] or any particular ḥadīth compilation. It is for this reason that, besides the usual study of Muṣṭalaḥ al-Ḥadīth and translation of a ḥadīth compilation, we also focus on teaching the theory and practice of other essential subjects as ʿIlm al-Rijāl [Narrator Biographies], Jarḥ wa Taʿdīl [Narrator Vindication and Disparagement], and Takhrīj al-Aḥādīth [Narration Location].

Of all the sub-departments of the Arabic and Islamic Studies Department, the Ḥadīth and the Fiqh Departments take precedence as they, along with culminating the other sciences, possess the greatest efficacy in solving the problems of Muslims and meeting the challenges of modern times. This does not in any way imply that we neglect or deem other subjects, such as Arabic Language and Qurʾānic Exegesis [Tafsīr al-Qurʾān], inferior for Islam is holistic and any serious student is expected to gain mastery in all its primary subjects. As such, all subjects are deemed as essential, with Fiqh and Ḥadīth as the primary areas of focus.

Unique about the female branch, which is situated closer to the City of Cape Town in a wholly separate campus, is that its teaching staff is exclusively female – thus allowing female scholarship to develop and grow to its full potential. The female campus does not provide board and lodging, therefore students need to travel to and from campus on a daily basis. If students are unable to travel to campus, provision is made to allow them to attend classes virtually via Google Meet.