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The running cost of our current institutes (DUAI and DUAI Ināth [the Female branch]) amounts to around R411,000 per month (~R4,93M per annum).
This includes salaries, rent, electricity, groceries, and operating and maintenance expenses. 

Unfortunately, most of our students are not financially by the means to pay fees, with around 70% of them being eligible for Zakāh. As such, we rely mainly on Zakāh, Lillāh and Ṣadaqah to cover these costs – of which salaries constitute close to 82%.

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Local Donations

Accepted donations: Zakāh, Lillāh and Ṣadaqah

* International Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards accepted.

Direct EFT

Bank details

Bank: Absa

Branch Code: 632005

Reference: Nature-Donor’s Name/Business name

Nature: Zakāh, Lillāh, Ṣadaqah, Fitrah, Fidyah

Proof of Payment: [email protected]

The DUAI Foundation Trust Main Account

Account type: Cheque

Account Number: 40 8336 7306

The DUAI Foundation Trust Zakāh Account  

Account type: Savings

Account Number: 92 9273 3064

The DUAI Foundation Trust Ināth Account (Female Branch)

Account type: Savings

Account Number: 93 3125 1333

International Donations

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