Attendance of the Nikāh ceremony by the bride


DUAI Fatwā Department


Is it permitted that the bride attend the marriage ceremony which is traditionally performed in the mosque and attended by men only?


The bride is allowed to attend her nikāh ceremony in the masjid, provided that the normal decorum and etiquette of the masjid is maintained. The same rules will apply to her presence in the masjid for the sake of her nikāh ceremony as are applicable to her presence for the sake of salah. Some of those rules would be:

  • Maintaining the strict separation of sexes, especially when there is a large gathering of men
  • Observing proper dress
  • Entering the masjid only in a state where ghusl is not incumbent
  • Taking care not to raise the voice unduly

In any event, the bride is still advised against attending the masjid for the sake of witnessing her nikāh, on grounds of the hadith in which Rasulullah [peace be upon Him] says:

Prevent not your womenfolk from (attending) the masājid of Allah; but their houses are better for them.

Narrated by Abu Dawud: 567