Lowering the Gaze

Fatwā Lowering the Gaze by Ml Yusuf Karaan 11 May 2023 QUESTION What are the views of the four madhāhib in relation to the obligation of lowering the gaze for both genders, with or without desire. ANSWER السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته I will limit my reply to the matter of gazing between unrelated (ajnabī), … Read more

Disposing of Quranic Pages

I have a question regarding how to dispose of parts of the Quran or any islamic scripture in a manner which is not degrading? I am asking in light of the Quran burning in Sweden. So, a thought came to my mind, if me or anyone has or finds part of a Quran or if the Quran is not in a state in which it can be used, as a muslim you obviously dont want to throw it in the bin with dirt and rubbish. How do you then, in a beautiful manner, discard it.

Keeping a Beard

I’ve had people recently asking me the ruling for shaving the beard in accordance to my understanding all four schools of thoughts had a consensus that shaving is haram; however, I have read recently that the relied-upon position for the Shāfiʿī madhhab is that it is makrooh (not sinful) to shave the beard. Is this correct?