Wiping On Socks During Wuḍūʾ


Ml Yusuf Karaan

7 December 2023


What type of sock may one wipe on during wuḍūʾ? Does it have to be those particular wuḍūʾ socks, or will any cotton sock suffice?


السلام عايكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

The Shāfi’ī position takes into consideration two things when it comes to the type of sock one may wipe on during ablution. These two considerations have in actual fact been borrowed from the case of the khuff. They are:

  1. That the sock, or khuff, possesses the appropriate strength to be worn as one would wear shoes. This means you should be able to wear it at home, outside, to travel wearing it, and do most things you could with a shoe without the sock tearing. This strength could be a product of the sock’s thickness, where weaker materials such as cotton are used. Alternatively, it could also come from the material itself possessing a high tensile strength, such as in nylon.

  2. That they cover every part of the foot for which washing is required in ablution. This naturally includes the ankles. If the sock is torn in any way that exposes these regions of the foot, wiping would no longer be sufficient.

وﷲ تعالى أعلم

And Allah knows best

Y Karaan
DUAI Fatwa Department