Dua e Qunūt

If a Shāfiʿī muqtadi (follower) reads Fajr ṣalāh behind a Ḥanafī imam, what would be best for the Shāfiʿī to do with regards to Dua e Qunūt? Can he shorten the qunūt? If he does shorten the qunūt, does he make sujūd al-sahw (the prostration of forgetfulness)? If he reads the entire qunūt and joins the imam in sajdah, does he still make sajdah?

Al-Fatāwā al-Sirājiyyah on the Shāfiʿī Qiblah

The Shāfiʿī position, of course, is that one should face the actual qiblah (ʿayn al-qiblah), while the Ḥanafīs take the more indulgent position of the general direction of the qiblah (jihat al-qiblah). With the Ḥanafīs having taken a position of greater latitude it becomes difficult to understand why the Shāfiʿī qiblah comes to be described as “wrong”, since one would naturally expect the narrower position to be subsumed within the broader one.