The Fiqh of Fasting

The Arabic words siyâm and sawm literally mean 'abstention' and as such any avoidance even of speech may be called sawm. An example of this comes in sûrah Maryam, verse 26: "I have taken an oath to perform sawm... and as such I will not speak to any human today." Legally however it means: "for a specific person [the mukallaf who intends it] to abstain from specific matters [the three nullifiers] for a specific period [from true dawn until sundown]."

Modernism's abortive attempt to ride the wave of islamic finance

M.T.Karaan responds to an article titled "Follow Islamic finance path in reforming Islamic law". The article and Moulana's response can be found in the link above.

Open Temple by Ml Irshaad Sedick

This paper is an academic attempt to shed light on recent events initiated and publicised by Taj Hargey and his Open Mosque. I will explore what the said Open Mosque is about and who its founder Taj Hargey is. The recent publicly held radio interviews and internet material has sparked debate in the public and this paper will explore why. Lastly the public has been calling for a response by the scholars to these events and a solution to address their concerns and this will also be attempted.

Morning and Evening Supplications

Prescribed supplications in the morning and evening

The Impenetrable Fortress of Islamic Law by Ml Yaqoub Yusuf Abdullah

Ijma‘ is one of the four main sources of Islamic law. It is a fortress and protective fence against adulteration in all spheres and phases. It is an unalterable axle of Islamic Canonical Law. Although it is generally believed to be so, this doctrine of Ijma‘ has suffered, in so called modern researches, from fanatic objections.

The Internal Dimensions of Hajj

You are the luckiest person in the world. Allah has invited you personally to His House.

Ear Piercing

The above mentioned article is written in Arabic.

The Ijarah Contract

Ijārah, often translated as hiring or leasing, in Islamic mercantile law refers to the sale of the usufruct of corporeal entities or living beings, both man and animal, for an agreed upon period, in exchange for a known remuneration.

Fundraising by the hosting of musical shows by M.T.Karaan

Legislation in Islâm is based upon the Qur’ân and the Sunnah. All authority to declare things permissible or impermissible must derive from these two sources, directly or indirectly.

The Pretensions of Postmodernism and the Hadith of Ummu Waraqah

The appropriation of the hadith of Umm Waraqah as proof for the permissibility and validity of a woman’s leading salah in Amina Wadud’s recent episode in New York throws up some interesting considerations. Responses have varied. There has been the tendency to question the authenticity of the hadith; another approach looks at the applicability of the hadith to the case in question; while a third approach surveys the views and opinions of the scholars of Islam. While none of these approaches lacks individual merit, it should not be lost to the observer that there is another side to the issue; a side that none of us can afford to lose sight of in the present global climate. The present paper seeks to touch upon each of these various approaches, whilst not omitting to set the issue within the framework of contemporary affairs.

The Creed of Ahl al-Sunnah by Imam Ghazali - Translated by Dawood Suleiman

An Explanation of the two declarations of faith which constitute one of the pillars of Islam

The Mudarabah Contract: Silent Partnership the Islamic Way by Ml Muhammad Carr

Muslims believe that Islam is suitable for all times and circumstances. This belief is sanctioned by copious textual evidences from the Holy Qur‘ān as well as a number of traditions of the Prophet, upon him peace and blessings. Furthermore, the success of Islam as a practical way of life, especially apparent in its formative years, has further strengthened this belief.

Shellac - A Fiqhi Appraisal

Shellac is a natural gum resin secreted by the lac beetle (laccifer lacca, or tachardia lacca) which lives on trees in tropical and subtropical regions such as India and south-eastern Asia. Its industrial uses include its use as varnish, floor polish, adhesive and sealing wax. It is used in the food industry as a coating for fruit, chocolate products and sweets, and pharmaceutically in time release capsules for oral medication.

The Shi’ah and Hadith

The above mentioned article is written in Arabic.

Correspondence between M.T.Karaan and a student 1

Q&A with M.T.Karaan

Correspondence between M.T.Karaan and a student 2

Q&A with M.T.Karaan

An allegation against Imam as-Subki

The charge leveled against Imâm Taqiyy ad-Dîn as-Subkî is that despite possessing all the requirements for ijtihâd, he did not perform ijtihâd, and preferred to remain within the bounds of his madhhab, since the adoption of independent ijtihâd would preclude him from rising to positions which were reserved for fuqahâ of the madhâhib.

Mutually cooperative medical aid schemes

An article on mutually cooperative medical aid schemes written (in Arabic) by M.T.Karaan

Challenges from Sasol’s Inzalo Share Initiative

Sasol’s recent share offering has challenged our assumptions on more than one level. In what follows an attempt is made not to simply formulate an opinion on the permissibility of the shares on offer in the Inzalo initiative, but to place this issue within a wider framework where ways are explored in which this one issue becomes a means to generate a keener sense of responsibility on the part of both laymen and ‘ulamā. It would be appropriate, however, to begin with a brief description of the offering.